The Hunt


I am a hunter. I look, I covet, I pursue. You very well may be my equal, but I am the pursuer. I hunt what/who I desire. It is not sport. It is part of who I am. I hunt because I am not afraid to chase what I covet. I dont settle. I am not afraid to fail. And you will know if I am hunting you. You will feel the heat of my gaze.

The Capture

You are a tricky being. Delightful in body and soul, however monitored. You have been chased some time recently, and a percentage of the seekers you have experienced were a long way from commendable, they were bruts, who chased for game or for blood. Your first intuition when you saw me coming was to discover a spot to cover up. Maybe I was one of “alternate” seekers. Fortunately for us, I comprehend, and I am understanding. I stayed outdoors in full view, so you could see, you could watch, you could notice, you could tune in. Step by step, minute by moment, your apprehension and uneasiness died down, and you crawled out of the forested areas in which you were concealing, closer to my campground. I didnt make any sudden moves, I realize that your trust will come gradually, and should have been be earned with the consistency of my being me.

We have talked, we have fought, we have investigated every others minds. We have kept in touch with, we have collaborated. There is little uncertainty what it is I am after. You not just hear the words from my mouth…you FEEL them. My words, my voice, they penetrate you, they comfort you. My words can make you squirm, to make you uncomfortable. I expected to give you a chance to understand for yourself, that being caught by me was not something to be dreaded. I required for you to see that being caught by me is a benefit, a honor. You crept closer…and closer. Now and then the strides were tiny to the point that they were not distinguished by sight. Yet, I could feel them. Each one of them. And afterward I turn upward, and discover you sitting beside me before the thundering flame that I have created…you look at me and what I see in unmistakable…SURRENDER. I connect and take one of your hands in mine, and with my other hand I tenderly brush your hair out of your face and affectionately stroke your cheek, bring my finger over your delicate trembling lips. You have been caught, yet you feel an opportunity that you have at no other time experienced.

The Fairy Tale

The fairy tale. To be coveted. To be desired. to be appreciated. To be with a man who truly only wanted you to be yourself. To be with a man who understands that the best he can do, is to discover and explore the best of YOU. To bring it out, to nourish it. Once you have been captured, you will be cared for…you will be fed and nourished…you will be encouraged to grow. You have found the hunter who has hunted you for the right reason. The hunter who only hunts what he respects. The hunter who has no desire to kill any part of you. To the contrary. A hunter who will cherish all of you, the parts that you acknowledge as beautiful, as well as the imperfections that have clouded your self esteem. You have been captured, yet you feel safe, more so than you ever have. You are able to turn off that powerful brain of yours and finally let out those primal voices within. Because you have been captured. Because your hunter has provided you with a safe place. A place where you can let go of your inhibitions and your doubts…you are now free to just be you…always knowing that there is a hug (and a raging hard cock) at your beck and call. and sex toys too. The Fairy Tale

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