About me


About me

I’m just intrigued by friending nearby ladies that I might really meet. I have my Master and he is PLENTY!

I’m 27 years of age, bi racial, white and Asian. I’m docile to my Master however have a tendency to be extremely overwhelming to other ladies. I cherish investigating diverse parts of accommodation, corruption, and sexual embarrassment. Both giving and getting. It’s such a turn on! Sex toys are also awesome.

I have found that I have a couple limits. These hard, hard, hard points of confinement are crap, age play (Daddy/Little young lady), and needles/snares/any type of blood play.

I adore stroking off for a crowd of people, moving, tit/areola play/harming, debasement, ridiculing, hair pulling, collars, floggers, paddles/punishing, watching young lady on young lady recordings, and playing with vibrators and dildos. We have several slave young ladies that we play, as can be seen by some of our recordings and we want to share. Have any cuties to exchange?

Neighborhood GIRLS-HIT ME UP!! Lets meet and check whether we click. I would love to have a few companions that comprehend and grasp this new side of me! :- )

Much obliged!

As I spread my wings (and legs lol), some of the things that I really like are:

Tit Torture
Spankings, with a bunch of instruments.
Self inflicted pain, with requests
Sucking cock and eating pussy
I love making videos of my escapades
Making sub bitches bend to my will.

And finally…

I love to blog erotic stories and pen my kinky thoughts.